Five of the Most Common Causes of Car Windshield Damage

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Your car’s windshield is more important than you might think. It helps prevent structural damage to your vehicle because it is part of the body’s support system. The glass itself is some of the toughest out there; ready to withstand the wind pounding against it as you drive at high speeds. Padron Automotive repairs or replaces windshields because your vehicle isn’t as safe with a weak one. Here are five things that damage vehicle windshields more than anything else.

1. Auto Accidents

Sorry for being Captain Obvious but, yes, automobile accidents damage windshields. Depending on the severity of the collision, your car’s windshield could blow out completely. Even if you’ve been involved in a minor accident, the structural integrity of the windshield could be compromised so have it inspected.

2. Extreme Temperatures

Our temperatures aren’t too extreme here in Topeka, KS, but if you live in an area that sees below-zero winters, the difference between the cabin temperature and that outside can actually crack your windshield. Another thing that will crack your windshield is pouring hot water on it to de-ice it in the morning.

3. Manufacturing/Installation Defects

One would hope that the original car windshield on your automobile is topnotch, but if you’ve had it replaced, the new one could have defects that weaken its structure. If the new windshield is not installed properly, it, too, can suffer from structural weaknesses that will make it crack or break much easier than normal.

4. Road Debris

Rocks and other road debris are your windshield’s worst nightmare. The debris is kicked up by the tires on the automobile in front of you, only to pit or crack your car windshield. The damage can start off small, but if you don’t have the pit or crack filled and repaired, the damage can spread. Even if it is repaired, the pits and cracks reduce your windshield’s stability.

5. Storm Damage

Finally, if Mother Nature is really mad, she’ll take it out on your home and automobile. Storm damage can come in the form of hail or flying objects. If you’ve ever been stuck in a huge hailstorm, you know how scary that can be. The sound alone is enough to turn your blood cold. The ice chunks cannot only dent your car but also crack your windshield.

Padron Automotive in Topeka, KS, can help. Call us today to schedule an appointment for your vehicle’s windshield. Part of our automotive services is auto glass repair.

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