Don’t Let Tight Holiday Finances Ruin Your Car

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People stress out over their finances during the holiday season. How much can you spend on presents this year? Should you forget about the maintenance your car needs before you drive to your mom’s house for Thanksgiving to save money? Can you afford to contribute to the Thanksgiving feast? We here at Padron Automotive are not experts on finances but we are experts on auto service and repair, and we will say this: Ignoring your vehicle’s maintenance to save money will actually cost you more money.

Maintenance Prevents Damage

Your vehicle has a recommended factory-scheduled maintenance plan to ensure it always runs safely and efficiently. If you fail to have the preventative services performed, you will damage your engine and other vehicle systems. Auto maintenance does not cost as much as auto repair does, which is why you’ll get more money and life out of your vehicle if you maintain it as recommended.

Holiday Finances

We get it. Finances are tight and you want to be able to get your kids the presents they’ve been asking for all year. You also want to spend Thanksgiving with your parents, but you’re afraid to spend the money on vehicle maintenance because you need it for the drive. You don’t have to allow tight finances to prevent you from getting the preventative maintenance work done on your car.

There are options that can help pay for your vehicle maintenance and/or repair without putting you in a financial pickle, especially if you have a good credit score. For example, those with good credit can

  • Apply for a low-interest personal loan from their bank or credit union
  • Apply for a zero or low-interest charge card or line of credit
  • Use an existing low-interest charge card with a low balance
  • Use an existing low-interest credit line with a low balance

These options are the best financially according to Credit Karma. Bank or credit union loans and low-interest credit options give you a chance to pay back the loan easily without excessive rates.

Not everyone has good credit and alternative financers tend to prey on those with credit problems. Short-term loans, such as payday loans, give you the cash you need without a credit check, but they also assess very high interest on the loan and want the money back within weeks. You don’t need to let these high-risk options take control of your finances.

Padron Automotive in Topeka, KS, offers Snap! financing for our customers. You can apply online before your service appointment and, once approved, get the work done on your car before Thanksgiving.

Image by andreas160578 from Pixabay