Holiday Travel Tips

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Every year more than 90 million people across the country take a road trip during the holiday season. That means a lot of traffic and a lot of potential for stress and accidents. At Padron Automotive, LLC we want you to be able to make the most of your holiday travel plans. Use these tips to stay safe and enjoy your holiday road trip.

Plan Ahead

As you are rushing around getting presents and packages together, you should also be planning and preparing for your road trip itself. Map out your route ahead of time and check for traffic and weather forecasts in advance so you can prepare for conditions. And when you are planning travel times, leave plenty of wiggle room for bumper to bumper traffic.

In case of an unfortunate accident or inclement conditions, stock up your emergency car kit. Check that you have a working flashlight, triangle reflectors, jumper cables, and extra coolant. If you are traveling to an area with winter weather, it is a good idea to pack an ice-scraper.

Stay Focused

Distracted driving and fatigue are both dangerous when you are behind the wheel. Before you pull out of your driveway have your navigation ready, stock your kids up with activities to keep them occupied, start your favorite playlist, and relax. Utilize your hands-free device for your phone and if you do need to place a call or sent a text, have your passenger do it.

To fight fatigue, plan multiple stops along the way to allow you to get out and move. And if you are a coffee drinker, remember to refuel when you stop to refuel your vehicle.

Stay Relaxed

Holiday traffic is frustrating, but don’t allow yourself to experience road rage. Allow for plenty of travel time so you don’t feel as rushed and be courteous of the drivers around you. If you start to feel your frustration rising, take a deep breath and get back in the holiday spirit.

Don’t Drive Impaired

This should go without saying, but the number of DUIs and alcohol-related accidents spike during the holidays. If you decided to indulge in a holiday cocktail or Aunt Martha’s potent eggnog, designate a driver or take advantage of a ride-sharing app like Uber or Lyft. With all the safe options, there is never an excuse to drive under the influence.

Padron Automotive, LLC wishes you and your loved ones the happiest of holiday seasons. Before you hit the road, remember to come in for an inspection and maintenance.