How Can I Tell if My Automatic Transmission Is Going Out?

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Padron Automotive is the only auto shop you need in Topeka, Kansas. We can fix your car no matter the problem, even if you’re having problems with your automatic transmission. We are going to list the signs of automatic transmission issues below so you know what to look for. The sooner you bring your car into our shop the better. Continuing to drive with a bad transmission will damage it further.

You May Have a Fluid Leak

What can start automatic transmission problems is a fluid leak. You may see red spots on your garage floor toward the center of your automobile underneath it. These red spots are transmission fluid. If you see a puddle, don’t drive your automobile.

You May Hear Strange Noises

You may hear strange noises when the transmission fluid is too low or if the transmission is having other problems. For example, you may hear grinding or squealing when the transmission shifts gears. You may also hear the transmission clunk or make humming sounds when it is in neutral. These are bad signs.

You Might Smell Burning Odors

If you are running too low on transmission fluid, or if the transmission fluid is old, dirty, and has oxidized, you may overheat the transmission and you will smell a burning, sweet smell coming from underneath your automobile.

You’ll Have Gear Problems

The transmission will let you know that it is having problems when it comes time to switch gears. It may not shift into drive or reverse, or it may be unresponsive in other gears. It may not shift through the gear cycle, it may skip gears in the gear cycle, or it may slip out of gear. Any of these things point to a faulty transmission.

Your Car May Shake or Vibrate

Aside from the difference in your engine’s RPMs, you shouldn’t feel anything when your transmission shifts gears. If your vehicle vibrates or shakes at each gear shift, this could be due to low transmission fluid or another problem in the transmission. It’s important to have this sensation checked out right away.

Your Check Engine Light Might Come On

Finally, the transmission has sensors that communicate with your vehicle’s engine control module. If the sensors send an error code, the engine control module will turn on your check engine light.

As we said above, Padron Automotive in Topeka, KS, is your one-stop auto shop. Call us today.

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