Why Do My Brakes Squeak Every Time I Stop?

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It’s never a good thing if your brakes squeak every time you stop. Squealing sounds indicate a problem with the brake system. Even if it’s raining outside, the brakes will eventually dry and stop squeaking. Padron Automotive is going to list the common reasons why your brakes squeak every time you use them below. No matter the problem, we can fix it.

Anti-Rattle Clip Problems

Your brake system has parts that are called anti-rattle clips. The reason they are called this is they attach the brake pads and pad stays to the calipers and prevent them from rattling. If the clips break, the brake parts just listed will rattle and this will cause your brakes to squeak when you use them. Replacing the clips resolves the issue and allows you to break in silence again.

Brake Pad Problems

Your brakes may also be squeaking because you have a problem with the brake pads. The most common problem with the brake pads that will cause your brakes to squeal is that they are worn down and need to be replaced. There are indicators embedded in the pads that cause them to make noise once it’s time to get a new set of brake pads. This is most likely the squeak that you are hearing. Even if you don’t have indicators inside of your brake pads, they will still make noise if they are too low.

Overheating Problems

A dangerous reason why your brakes squeak when you stop is that they are overheating. It is crucial that you don’t drive when your brakes are too hot. The brake pads and rotors glaze, which means that they smooth out and no longer generate friction. Your automobile cannot stop without friction, so if you also smell burning smells, stop driving your automobile.

Pad Insulation Problems

One part that is designed specifically to prevent the brakes from squeaking or squealing is the brake pad insulation. This insulation protects the pads and prevents them from making noise when you press down on the brake pedal. The insulation is installed during the vehicle manufacturing process. It needs to be replaced every time you have your brake pads replaced. No insulation means brake noise.

Rotor Problems

Finally, when you slow down and stop, the two parts that are causing the reduction in speed are the brake pads and the rotors. The pads press against the rotors too, as discussed above, generate friction. Eventually, the rotors smooth out and need to be recut. Smooth rotors will make your brakes squeak.

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