Why Does My Engine Keep Stalling?

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You need your automobile; you don’t need it to stall. Despite this, your engine keeps stalling and you cannot figure out why. There are three primary reasons why a vehicle’s engine will stall, and Padron Automotive discusses them in this blog post. The cause of the stalls could be electric or fuel-related.

1. Electrical Problem

When Henry Ford designed the first family automobile he probably never thought that today they would be filled with electrical sensors and computer chips. Your vehicle is a moving technical anomaly. All systems have sensors that are tied to an onboard computer system that reads these sensors constantly. These electrical systems need to be connected to a power source – your battery – and they will stall your vehicle’s engine if anything in this complex maze of electronics fails or disconnects, including the onboard computer chip. If the computer chip fails, you won’t be able to get your vehicle started again.

2. Vacuum System

Your car, SUV, or truck’s engine also a vacuum system and this system is connected to the computer. Also known as the manifold vacuum, this system connects via lines that can become cracked, worn, or unplugged from the exhaust manifold. If any of these things happen, the engine will stall, so you may want to start your motor, pop the hood, and inspect the manifold vacuum lines to ensure they are connected and not making noise. If you hear hissing or swooshing sounds, the vacuum lines have cracks in them and they need to be replaced to prevent your engine from stalling due to this cause.

3. Fuel System

Your vehicle also has an intake and fuel system that mixes air and gasoline in the ignition chamber to start your car, truck, or SUV and keep the engine running. Your spark plugs generate a spark that ignites this air/fuel mixture and then the engine, and if the vehicle isn’t getting enough air or fuel in the mixture, the engine will fail to start or stall after igniting or during operation. Problems with the intake and fuel system include clogged air or fuel filters or a bad fuel pump. Loose hoses can also stall the motor as can worn spark plugs or problems with the spark plug wires.

Padron Automotive is located in Topeka, KS, and we would love to find the cause of your engine stalls. Come see us to set up an appointment. We’ll get you in and out of our shop as quickly as possible because we know you have better things to do than sit in a service shop.