Why Vehicle Inspections and Diagnostics Are So Important for Your Car

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We here at Padron Automotive want to assure you that if we suggest that we do a vehicle inspection and diagnostic check on your car, truck, or SUV, your vehicle really needs it. We understand that it might seem as if we are trying to get extra money out you, but vehicle inspections and diagnostics actually save you money. They give us a complete picture of your automotive trouble so we know exactly what to do to fix it. The less time we spend on your vehicle the more money you save.

Vehicle Computer Systems

Whether you drive a domestic or foreign automobile, it has an onboard main computer chip and computer sensors in each system. This has been the case for much longer than you might realize. Automotive technology began integrating computer technology into vehicle systems as far back as 1968 when Volkswagen integrated computer chips into its electronic fuel injection system.


The computer sensors in each system communicate with your vehicle’s main computer chip to let the main computer know their status. Toss your dashboard warning lights into this mix and you now know how your dashboard warning lights come on. For example, if your brake system has a problem, the sensor will send an error to the onboard computer which will turn on the ABS or Brake warning light.

Diagnostic Test

We might not know right away why a dashboard warning light comes on. We have a pretty good idea based on the light and our experience, but the onboard computer chip has the error code in its memory and this error code tells us precisely why you received an alert. This is what makes the diagnostic check a money-saver for you. In a matter of minutes, your vehicle’s computer tells us what’s wrong.

Error Codes

You probably guessed it, but how your vehicle’s computer tells us what is wrong is through the error codes. Each code represents a specific issue with the vehicle system in question. This helps us isolate the problem quickly and reduces the time needed for visual inspections, although they are still necessary. In fact, we will still visually inspect the source of the error code to make sure the sensor got it right.

Visual Inspections

Armed with the diagnostic check’s knowledge, we can then visually inspect your automobile to correct the reported problem and find any others that might not have been returned to the onboard computer by a system sensor. For example, if your vehicle’s belts and hoses are starting to look a little worn, you won’t get a dashboard warning light and we won’t end up with an error code to refer to.

Now you know why Padron Automotive in Topeka, KS, uses both vehicle inspections and diagnostics to take care of your car, truck, or SUV. They help us help you and save you money to boot. Call us for an automotive service appointment by dialing 785-783-5772.

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