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Oil Change

Every vehicle needs clean oil in order to run smoothly. In fact, a regular oil change is one of the most simple yet most important things you can do to ensure the life and health of your vehicle. From large pickup trucks to tiny smart cars, every vehicle needs to have a regular oil change. Come see the pros at Padron Automotive and we’ll make sure you get the best motor oil for your specific make and model. We’ll also change the filter so your car runs smoothly and cleanly.

Oil Change

When the oil in your engine heats up, small pieces of debris and grime start to build up. All the metal components of your engine rub together, and it’s the motor oil that keeps everything nicely lubricated. The oil is also what keeps your engine from overheating. When the oil gets dirty, it can start to clog your engine and can potentially cause it to overheat, resulting in serious and expensive damage. That’s why it’s extremely important to bring your vehicle to Padron Automotive of Topeka, KS for regular oil changes.

Make sure you follow your vehicle’s manufacturer’s recommendations when it comes to scheduling your oil changes. We can help you come up with a workable schedule and send you reminders when it’s time to get an oil change. Our professional, friendly staff is happy to answer any questions you have and make sure that your brakes and tires are also in great condition. Come and see us for all your oil change and vehicle repair needs for the best service around the Topeka area!

Although oil changes are an affordable service, the benefits that an oil change provides are invaluable. Never take too much time between oil changes or else your engine could be at risk. When you develop a good schedule, you can easily make sure that your motor oil and filter are clean and that everything is running smoothly. Whether it’s synthetic or high-mileage, we’ll make sure we use the perfect motor oil for your unique make and model. You cannot leave your oil and filter to chance. Come and see us for your next oil change and we’ll make sure that you and your engine are both happy so you can hit the road in confidence.

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