transmissionsThe engine in your vehicle relies on a series of components and moving parts in order to run the way it should. The transmission is a crucial component of any vehicle, and this part of the car is what transfers energy from the engine to the wheels, making them turn. If your transmission is in trouble, your car probably won’t go anywhere. When it comes to exceptional service, come see the pros at Padron Automotive in Topeka, KS for all your transmission service and repair needs.

In some cases, you could be experiencing transmission trouble because your automatic transmission is not retaining fluid as it should. In those cases, you may only need a reseal service to get you back on the road. We will remove the transmission and disassemble it to inspect it for any signs of physical damage. Then, we will reinstall fresh, clean transmission fluid and make any necessary adjustments. Once that’s complete, we will reinstall all of the parts and make sure that everything is operating smoothly. For many drivers, a transmission flush, refill, and reseal is all that’s needed.

Sometimes a full transmission rebuild is what’s required to get your vehicle back on the road. For this type of repair, we’ll use our expert technicians’ skills and experience to remove the transmission and rebuild it piece by piece. This process is more expensive and time-consuming, but it’s often required in order to ensure that your car operates correctly. A full transmission rebuild is an intricate process that requires training and know-how. The technicians at Padron Automotive have the background and experience to get your transmission fully rebuilt and get it done right the first time.

If you drive a manual, you may need clutch repair. Before we recommend this service, we will make any necessary adjustments and inspect the clutch disc, pressure plate, flywheel, and any other related components. Your clutch might just need a simple adjustment and you’ll be ready to go. Sometimes, however, there may be a few parts that need to be replaced. If you end up needing clutch repair, we will also reinstall the transmission, fill it with clean fluid, and perform a lift check to make sure that everything is installed and adjusted the way it should be. We’ll road test every vehicle that undergoes transmission repair to make sure that’s safe and road-worthy for many miles to come.

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