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If your transmission is making strange noises or not shifting gears, it may be time to get it fixed. Padron Automotive is the place to go if you detect a problem with your transmission. We can determine if it is more economical to perform repairs or replace the product in its entirety. We promise a successful outcome because we use only high-quality products and employ trained experts to put them in place.

The Transmission Services We Offer

Automatic Transmission Repair

While automatic transmissions are convenient, they are complex and should only be repaired by qualified mechanics. Our specialists have extensive expertise in dealing with a wide range of automatic transmission issues. We can pinpoint the problem with precision, putting your automobile back on the road as soon as possible. 

Transmissions for Both Front-Wheel Drive and All-Wheel Drive 

We can also service and repair transmissions for vehicles with both front- and all-wheel drive. We’ve had years of expertise doing everything from engine diagnostics to part replacements on automobiles, trucks, SUVs, vans, and more. 

Manual Transmission Service 

You should still get your manual transmission examined often for safety and longevity reasons, even if it needs less attention than an automatic transmission vehicle. If you’re having trouble with your manual transmission, our trained technicians can help you maintain it or figure out what’s wrong. 


Don’t delay in calling for an inspection if you hear weird noises coming from your clutch or experience irregular clutch slips when shifting gears. If it’s necessary, our mechanics will check the throwout bearing and the pilot bushing in addition to the pressure plate and the flywheel. We’ll check to see that everything is in working order before sending you back out into the road.  

Signs You Need a New Transmission

Over time, your car’s transmission will wear down and start giving you trouble. Consider bringing your car in for service if you notice any of the following signs: 

  • Difficulty shifting gears: If you’re having trouble shifting gears, it may be an indication that your gearbox is failing. If shifting into the desired gear becomes increasingly difficult, or if your automobile appears “stuck” in one gear, you should have a professional inspect it.
  • Transmission fluid leaks: Leaks in the transmission’s fluid are problematic since it keeps the transmission at the proper temperature and lubricates the transmission. There is certainly a transmission leak if there is a pool of red or brown fluid under your car.
  • Grinding or shaking: When the transmission’s condition worsens to an extreme degree, it starts to grind or shake. If your car shakes or grinds when you shift gears, you should get it checked out right away.

If you have any of these issues with your vehicle, visit Padron Automotive. Finding an issue early might save you money on more costly repairs down the road.

Top-Rated Transmission Services From Padron Automotive

When it comes to transmission repair, Padron Automotive is your best bet in the Topeka area. We can repair or replace any type of transmission, including manual, automatic, and performance transmissions, in any vehicle. Whether you’re dealing with an emergency or just want to make sure your automobile stays in good repair, our team of professionals is here to help. We have extensive experience in this field and can guarantee top-quality results. Contact us today to schedule your appointment or schedule one online. 

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