Four Signs You’ve Got Transmission Problems

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Are you on the road to transmission problems? You could be if you notice any of the following four signs. You can avoid transmission trouble with preventative maintenance. This allows auto technicians to find minor issues before they become major issues, and when it comes to automatic transmissions, major issues equal major expenses. Let Padron Automotive keep your transmission in like-new condition, and bring your automobile to us right away if you notice any of the four signs listed below.

Transmission Slippage

You’ve got transmission problems if it slips out of gear. Once the transmission is in gear, it should not change gears until you change them on a manual transmission or the automatic transmission shifts between gears. Slipping can feel as if the transmission is changing gears on its own. You will be driving along and all of a sudden the gear will slip and you’ll hear your engine rev.

Rough Shifting

Whether you drive an automatic or manual, the gear exchanges should be smooth. A failing transmission will shift gears roughly, acting as if it cannot go into the next gear. For example, you might find it hard to get your vehicle into Drive or Reverse, almost as if you have to force the transmission into gear. You might also feel your vehicle shake each time it shifts and hear the rough shift.

Delayed Shifting

Your transmission is going bad if the gear shifting is delayed, as well. Delayed shifting means the transmission does not into gear immediately or at all. For example, if you put your automatic transmission into Drive but it hesitates before switching gears, something is wrong with your transmission. If it refuses to go into gear at all, again, this is a sign that your transmission is dying.

Transmission Leaks

To help you identify it, transmission fluid is bright red when it’s new, light-to-dark brown as it ages, and black or pink when it’s bad. If you see a leak in the middle of your garage floor, i.e. coming from the center of your car, it could be transmission fluid. This is a sign that a seal or gasket has gone bad, or that you have a pan leak. Low fluid can damage the transmission, so have the leak fixed ASAP.

No need to look any further than Padron Automotive in Topeka, KS, for your vehicle’s transmission maintenance and repair. Call our shop today to schedule an appointment. 

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