Four Types of Windshield Damage You Shouldn’t Ignore

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You’re driving along and are startled by something that hits your windshield. After you catch your breath, you look, and, sure enough, you have a new pit. You say a few choice words – we don’t blame you – and drop back even further from the vehicle in front of you. It’s just a small knick, so you can ignore it, right? Honestly, any windshield pit can turn into a problem, which is why we here at Padron Automotive repair the following four windshield damage types.


Chips come in many different shapes and sizes. What makes them chips is there are actual divots of glass removed from the windshield. Chips are usually caused by something hitting the windshield, such as rock. When the object makes contact with the windshield, it cuts out a divot and, voila, you’ve got a chip. Some small chips can be repaired; large chips weaken the structure of the windshield.


Cracks also weaken the windshield structure, and in either case, it’s safest to replace the windshield rather than attempt to repair it. Cracks often start with chips. As you drive your automobile, the constant vibration stresses the windshield and cracks spread from weakened portions, i.e., chips. Automobile accidents attempted theft, and extreme temperatures also cause windshield cracks.


Bullseyes are fun when you’re playing darts, and stars are beautiful, except when you have windshield damage that resembles either or both of them. As with cracks, bullseye and stars usually start with a chip. A flying object can also cause them if it’s large enough. The heavier impact of the large object can cause a chip and the radiating cracks that form these shapes all at the same time. 

Combination Damage

Finally, if your windshield is old enough or you just drove through a construction zone and were pummeled with road debris, you might end up with chips, cracks, bullseyes, and stars. Any combination of windshield damage is common, especially on older vehicles that have seen a few miles. The problem is the multiple damage types cannot be repaired, and you will need a new windshield installed.

No worries. Padron Automotive can replace your windshield. Our automotive service shop is located in Topeka, KS, and you can call us for an appointment by dialing 785-783-5772. We’d be happy to inspect your windshield, assess its integrity, and repair or replace it if necessary, so give us a call today. We can handle all of your automotive service needs.

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