An Automotive Fluid Color Guide For Your Information

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Your vehicle has a rainbow of automotive fluid colors in it and this is why it’s easy to identify the fluid if you end up with a leak. One way to ensure you don’t get an automotive fluid leak is to follow your vehicle’s preventative maintenance schedule to the tee. We can help with it. Padron Automotive can also help you determine what fluid is leaking from your car with the guide below.

Blue Fluid

Blue fluid is windshield washer. If you see this color leaking from your car, truck, crossover, or SUV, you probably have a leak in the fluid reservoir or lines. While this isn’t a critical problem, it’s still a good idea to have the leak fixed. You never know when you’ll need to use your windshield washer.

Clear Fluid

Clear fluid is water condensation, so unless you see a ton of it under your car and it hasn’t been raining, this, too, is nothing to worry about. Condensation escapes through your vehicle’s tailpipe. Your AC will also drip condensation once you’ve turned your vehicle off. Don’t panic over clear fluid.

Dark Brown Fluid

Dark brown fluid generally means you’ve been lax in your vehicle’s preventative maintenance. Dirty brake fluid or motor oil is dark brown. If the fluid is black, you’ve really been bad and you need to bring your vehicle in right away. Dirty brake fluid or motor oil can damage your car, truck, or SUV.

Green Fluid

Antifreeze is green. If you see green fluid leaking from your automobile, you probably have worn radiator system clamps, fittings, or hoses. Leaking antifreeze also indicates possible trouble with your radiator or water pump. Get the source of the green fluid leak checked and fixed right away.

Light Brown Fluid

If you are faithful with your vehicle’s preventative maintenance, you might notice light brown fluid on your garage floor if you have a brake system or oil leak. Before these fluids get dirty and turn dark brown or black, they are light brown or amber. Have any light brown fluid leaks fixed ASAP.

Orange Fluid

An orange fluid leak is usually a bad sign. Unfortunately, orange fluid is usually rusty radiator fluid. It’s the rust that turns the fluid orange. The fact that the fluid is leaking out of your automobile means you likely have a hole in your radiator because the rust has eaten through the metal.

Red Fluid

Red fluid is most difficult to identify because several fluids in your vehicle are red. Antifreeze, coolant, power steering, and transmission fluid are all red. If the leak is coming from the center of your vehicle, it’s transmission fluid. Other than that, it could be antifreeze, coolant, or power steering fluid.

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