Clogged Oil Filter Problems

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The reason why Padron Automotive recommends that you have conventional motor oil changed every 3,000 miles and synthetic oil changed every 5,000 miles is that failing to switch out the oil means the oil filter will not get replaced, and it will clog. A clogged oil filter can create a ton of problems in the engine. In addition, it can damage the engine irreparably. Let’s talk more about this below.

Poor Performance

Oil circulates through the oil filter after it has cleaned the engine of its dirt and grime. The purpose of this is to remove the dirt and grime from the oil so it can circulate through the engine again. If the oil remains dirty because the oil filter is dirty, it will deposit excess dirt and grime in the engine that will affect its ability to perform. Consequently, your engine’s performance will be reduced.

Poor Fuel Economy

In addition, the reduction in engine performance will cause the engine to burn through more fuel. Unfortunately, this means that your car, truck, or utility vehicle will not get the gas mileage that it normally gets. This can be difficult if you are on a tight budget. A need to head to the service station more often can affect your finances in the worst possible way.

Poor Oil Pressure

Another thing that is going to be reduced is the oil pressure. This is how much oil circulates through the engine and at what pressure. A reduction in the oil pressure can actually cause damage to the engine’s parts. The reason why is that the parts will not have enough oil to lubricate them properly when they rub against each other. Poor oil pressure will turn on the dashboard’s oil light.

Metallic Noises

In addition to the poor pressure, you may also hear metallic noises in the engine. These noises definitely point to engine parts grinding or scraping against each other. This is when the engine starts to get damaged severely. In fact, you may not know this but an engine without oil can be damaged beyond repair in less than 30 minutes.

Excess Emissions

Finally, when the engine is dirty because the oil cannot remove the dirt and grime, the number of emissions released in your vehicle’s exhaust is increased. If you are in an area that requires emissions testing, a clogged oil filter can actually make your vehicle fail the test.

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