Common Problems With Car Alarms

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You thought a car alarm was a good idea until it started giving you trouble. You’re not alone, but you probably already knew that; your neighbor’s car alarm goes off all the time. Why are these security systems such a pain? What are the common problems associated with car alarms? Are there fixes for these problems? Let’s talk about car alarms, why they’re a pain, and how you can fix them.

It Keeps Sounding Even When My Car Isn’t Getting Broken Into

A car alarm that sounds at will is the number one problem with car alarms, which is why so many people opt to have the alarm system removed eventually even though they opted to have it installed in the first place. There are many things that cause your vehicle’s alarm system to sound even though no one is near the car, truck, or SUV. These alarm triggers include

  • Animals jumping on your automobile
  • Ground movement caused by large trucks or earthquakes
  • Faulty alarm installation
  • Incorrect key fob signal
  • Low battery charge
  • Wind or other inclement weather

We understand you can’t stop your cat from jumping up on your car or control Mother Nature, but oftentimes, the car alarm goes off because your shock sensor is too sensitive or, as mentioned in the bulleted list, you have an installation or signal problem. Before you have the alarm uninstalled, have the key fob and sensors checked. If this doesn’t solve the problem, the alarm system itself could be faulty.

My Alarm Doesn’t Sound at All

Another common problem with car alarms is they don’t go off when they’re supposed to and we get it, why have something installed in your car that goes off randomly and then doesn’t sound when you need it to. Most of the time, if the car alarm doesn’t sound, it didn’t set properly when you locked your vehicle or there’s an underlying electrical problem with your car, truck, or SUV.

One way to test your alarm is to hit the panic button once you’ve locked your car to see if the alarm sounds. If you have an older alarm system, you might also have a red light inside the car that flashes once the alarm is set. If your alarm doesn’t sound, even when you hit the panic button, have the alarm and electrical system inspected. Other signs of electrical system trouble include dull headlights.

Padron Automotive would be happy to inspect your vehicle’s alarm to find out why it’s giving you trouble. Contact us today in Topeka, KS, for an appointment.