Different Auto Fluid Colors Helps You Identify Them

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Hopefully, your car, truck, or utility vehicle will never spring a leak. If it does, however, the different colors of automotive fluid can help you identify what is leaking out of the automobile. Padron Automotive is going to list below the different fluids by color so you have a general idea of your automotive leak. It’s important to have the leak repaired as soon as possible to avoid engine damage or the dangerous situation of being unable to slow down and stop your automobile.


Generally speaking, blue automotive fluid is most likely the windshield washing solution. This being said, some engine coolant/antifreeze looks blue. Check the color of your coolant when your engine is cold. You can see it through the see-through radiator overflow reservoir.


Brake fluid is brown, and low brake fluid makes it difficult to stop your automobile. Other brown fluids in your automobile include the differential and motor oils. The transmission fluid found in your vehicle will also turn brown as it ages.


As we just mentioned, some coolant/antifreeze is blue. More commonly, this automotive fluid will be green, neon green, green-yellow, or green-blue. Again, you can check the color of your coolant by looking at it in the radiator’s overflow reservoir.


You are going to want to do this because as you will see as you keep reading, engine coolant comes in many different colors. Another color is orange. You may also have coolant that is orange-red. If your coolant is not normally orange but you see orange spots on your garage floor, it’s possible that the radiator has rusted through and is leaking.


A few auto fluids come in red. Some brake fluid is red, the power steering fluid is red, and the transmission fluid is red. You won’t be surprised to learn that coolant/antifreeze can also be red. The color red is popular for automotive fluids.


Another color in which antifreeze/coolant comes is yellow. It may also look yellow-green or neon yellow. It’s important that you avoid driving your automobile if it is leaking antifreeze/coolant. If the level is too low, your engine will overheat when you drive the vehicle.


Finally, gasoline or diesel fuel can look clear if it is dripping onto your garage floor. Do not drive your automobile if it is leaking fuel. The only other clear fluid you might see is condensation dripping off of your vehicle’s air conditioner or out of the tailpipe.

Call Padron Automotive in Topeka, KS, today if you have an auto fluid leak. We will find it and fix it.

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