Four Ways to Tell Whether Your Water Pump Is Failing

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The water pump is a part of your car that you probably don’t think about that often. Water pumps have a long lifespan, around 100,000 miles, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t go bad before that mileage milestone. Padron Automotive lists four signs that your water pump is failing below so you can take action to correct the issue before you damage your car, CUV, SUV, or truck by driving it.

1. Your Car Is Overheating

The water pump is the cooling system part that circulates the coolant through the engine once the thermostat releases it. As the coolant flows through the engine, it draws the heat away from the moving parts (the motor oil helps with this) to prevent your engine from overheating. Glance at the temperature gauge frequently to make sure it isn’t in the red. If it is, your pump could be failing.

2. You’ve Got Coolant Leaks Under Your Car

The water pump can spring a leak and you’ll end up with coolant puddling underneath the front, center part of your engine. Coolant is usually red, but it can also be green, greenish-blue, orange, or yellow. Orange coolant suggests rust, so the leak is more likely coming from a corroded radiator. Any coolant must be found and repair right away, however, or you will overheat, water pump trouble or not.

3. You Hear High-Pitched Whining From the Engine

Whining sounds coming from the engine are definitely not good. There can be a few reasons why you’re hearing noises, but if it’s coming from the front of your engine, it could be the water pump. The pump’s bearings may be going bad or the belt and pulley connected to the water pump could be going bad. Whining or any other strange engine noises should always be diagnosed to avoid engine damage.

4. Steam Is Coming out From Under the Hood

If your pump isn’t working well, you’re going to start to have bigger problems. By the time you see steam flowing out from under your car’s hood, the water pump has likely completely failed. The engine is also too hot and if you keep driving, you’ll blow the radiator cap clean off. Find a safe place to park your automobile and shut it down right away. Call for a tow truck to get you to our auto service shop.

Whether your car is overheating or you’re experiencing some of the other issues listed above Padron Automotive in Topeka, KS, can get to the bottom of your cooling system problems. If it’s the water pump, we will replace it. Call us today to set up an appointment.

Photo by SaevichMikalai from Getty Images via Canva Pro