How Can I Tell if My Fuel Pump Is Dying?

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The signs that your fuel pump is dying are signs of other engine trouble, as well, so it’s best to let us inspect and test the fuel pump to diagnose the problem. This being said, Padron Automotive is going to list the signs of a dying fuel pump below so you know them. If your car, truck, or C/SUV is doing any of the following things, give us a call for help.

The Engine Loses Power

Because the fuel pump is responsible for transferring gas from the tank to the engine, your engine will lose power if the fuel pump is malfunctioning. You will definitely notice a power loss when your engine is under stress. Stressed driving includes hauling or towing things and driving on steep roads. Your vehicle needs more fuel when it is operating under these conditions.

You Aren’t Getting Good Gas Mileage

A dying fuel pump can also affect your fuel economy. The engine cannot run efficiently if it doesn’t have the right amount of gas for the operating condition. When your engine runs inefficiently, it uses up the gasoline or diesel fuel faster. Unfortunately, you will continue to get poor gas mileage until you replace the fuel pump, which can die after 100,000 miles.

You’ve Got Low Fuel Pressure

Testing your fuel pressure will also give an indication as to how healthy your fuel pump is. Check your owner’s manual to see the fuel pressure your vehicle’s engine should generate. If the fuel pressure levels are below the recommendations, your fuel pump is likely dying.

Your Engine Is Dead

A dead fuel pump will result in a dead engine. This is because the engine isn’t getting any fuel out of the tank. No matter how hard you try, you won’t be able to start your engine so don’t overheat your starter motor by turning the key over and over again. Rather, have your vehicle towed to our shop.

Your Engine Overheats

Sometimes, the fuel pump motor will overheat when the fuel pump is dying. This is because it isn’t drawing enough fuel out of the tank to keep it cool. Unfortunately, the hot fuel pump motor will overheat your engine in your engine will stall.

Your Engine Sputters

Finally, as with stressed driving, your engine will also struggle when you are driving at high speeds if you have a malfunctioning fuel pump. The engine requires more gasoline or diesel fuel the faster you go. If the fuel pump can’t supply it, you will have engine performance issues.

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