Let Padron Automotive Replace Your Clutch When It Needs It

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Padron Automotive is the best auto shop in Topeka. If your car, truck, or SUV’s clutch goes out, do not worry. We can repair, replace, or rebuild the clutch when it needs it. Thankfully, the clutch will give you a sign that it is in trouble. In fact, the clutch may give you several signs. Let’s talk about the signs below so you know what to look for in your automobile.

Pedal Resistance Changes

A clutch is wearing out if how the pedal resists your foot changes. A pedal that is soft or squishy can be a sign of the internal mechanisms wearing out. We can inspect the clutch thoroughly to see if we can rebuild it. If we can, that will save you the money to replace the clutch. If the damage is severe, however, we will likely need to replace the clutch.

Higher Catch/Bite Point

Another change in the clutch pedal is the catch point. Some people also call this the bite point. When the clutch gets older, this point, the point at which you shift the gears, is higher. At first, you may not notice the difference. Eventually, however, the catch point will be so high that you cannot ignore the fact that it has changed. This can make driving your vehicle difficult because you are used to the catch point being in a certain place.

Overheating/Smelling Hot

Your clutch may also start to overheat and smell hot if it is slipping. A slipping clutch needs to be replaced because it has become incapable of transferring the power from the engine to the transmission. The clutch may initially transfer the power but then slip out of engagement. When this happens, the power goes back to the engine.

Problems Shifting the Gears

This can make it impossible to shift gears in your automobile. You need the power with the transmission in order for the gear shifts to be smooth and seamless. If the power is with the engine, your transmission will fight you as you try to shift the gears. In fact, the gears will grind.

Lagging Acceleration

You will also experience lagging acceleration if the power is with the engine instead of the transmission. The transmission needs the power to turn the drivetrain. If it doesn’t have it, your vehicle’s acceleration will lag because the wheels aren’t turning.

Padron Automotive in Topeka, KS, is here to help, so schedule a service visit with us today for your vehicle’s clutch.

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