Older Cars Tend to Need New Water Pumps

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If you drive an older automobile, there may come a time sooner rather than later when you’ll need to replace the water pump. Padron Automotive advises that the average lifespan of a water pump is 100,000 miles or seven to 10 years. If you notice any of the following problems listed in this blog post, your water pump may be going bad. Don’t worry. We can replace it.

Rust on the Pump Housing

Sometimes, taking a look at the water pump can reveal its health. For example, if your water pump’s housing is corroded, the water pump has a small leak. As the engine coolant leaks out of the water pump, it puddles around the metal housing and starts to eat away at it. Naturally, the more the coolant eats away at the metal the larger the leak will get.

Leaking Engine Coolant

Eventually, there will come a point when the water pump is leaking so bad that you will see coolant on your garage floor. This can make driving your automobile dangerous because the engine may overheat. Driving a vehicle with an overheating engine can seriously damage the engine. It can blow the head gasket or cracked the cylinder block.

Poor Coolant Circulation

Another sign that your water pump is going bad is poor coolant circulation throughout the engine. The water pump is called a pump because it is responsible for pushing the coolant through the engine. Poor circulation will cause your car to overheat. If you bring your vehicle to our shop, we will test the coolant circulation to see if it is effective or if it is poor.

Strange Noises in the Engine

You may also hear strange noises coming from the engine if the water pump is malfunctioning. For example, the pump itself may make growling or grinding noises. The pump is also attached to the accessory belt for its power. If you hear squealing sounds coming from the engine, it’s most likely time to tighten the accessory belt or replace it.

Constant Overheating

Finally, as we have briefly mentioned above and as you can imagine, a faulty water pump will cause your engine to overheat all the time. This constant overheating is a sign that the engine is not getting the coolant it needs to remain under 220 degrees Fahrenheit. This can be due to a faulty water pump or another cooling system problem.

Call Padron Automotive in Topeka, KS, today if you suspect that your water pump has gone bad. We can test it and replace it if it needs it.

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