Padron Automotive Can Fix Your Car’s Transmission Problems

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You can count on Padron Automotive if your car, truck, or C/SUV is having transmission problems. To avoid problems and extend the life of the transmission, have it serviced every 30,000 miles. We can do that, too. Head straight to our shop if your transmission is doing any of the following things.

Cannot Shift Gears

In the case of the automatic transmission, it may refuse to shift through the gear cycle and remain in first gear while you are driving. Before the problem gets this bad, you may notice that there is an extended hesitation before each gearshift. In the case of a manual transmission, you may be unable to shift the gears while you are driving.

Slips Out of Gear

Even if the gears are shifting, it’s possible that the transmission can slip out of gear if it is going bad. When this happens, you will see a noticeable spike in the engine’s RPMs and your vehicle will lose power immediately.

Cannot Go Into Gear

Ignoring transmission problems can leave you stranded with a transmission that will not go into gear. The transmission will be completely unresponsive and you will be unable to get the vehicle into Reverse or Drive. In the case of a manual transmission, you won’t be able to get the transmission into Reverse or first gear.

Operates Too Hot

Sometimes, when the transmission is having problems, it will overheat. In this case, you will be able to smell burning odors coming from underneath your automobile. Generally, the transmission runs too hot when the transmission fluid is too old or too low.

Leaks Red Fluid

One of the things that can reduce the level of transmission fluid in the transmission is a leak. If you have red fluid on the garage floor underneath the center of your vehicle, your transmission is leaking.

Makes Strange Sounds

The transmission will also make strange sounds when it is going bad. For example, it may grind or squeal when the gears are shifted, it may hum when it is in neutral, or it may make a clunking sound when you put it in gear.

Makes the Car Shake

The transmission can also make your car shake every time it shifts gears. You should not feel any unusual motion when you put the transmission into gear and when you or the transmission shifts gears.

Turns on the CEL

Finally, a faulty transmission is going to cause the engine control unit to turn on the check engine light. This light covers transmission problems because the transmission does not have its own light.

Padron Automotive in Topeka, KS, would be happy to help, so call us today to set up a service visit for your vehicle’s transmission.

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