Resolving Stolen Catalytic Converter Issues

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Padron Automotive can resolve your stolen catalytic converter issues by repairing the exhaust system damage and installing a new converter. Unfortunately, thieves will steal catalytic converters because they are made out of precious metals such as rhodium and platinum. When you first fire up your automobile after the converter has been taken, you will notice a series of issues. Here is what they are.

Roaring Engine

When you press the start button or turn the ignition key and your engine fires up, it will be much louder than it normally is. If you press down on the accelerator, it will roar even louder. This lets you know right away that there’s a problem. In this case, the problem is a stolen catalytic converter. Rather than attempt to drive your vehicle, we recommend you cut the engine and call the authorities.

Check Engine Warning

If you leave the engine on, you will also notice the check engine light is on. This light will remain on until you have the catalytic converter replaced. The reason why is that the exhaust system will malfunction without the catalytic converter. Consequently, system sensors will pick up on errors and report them to the main computer chip. As such, the chip will turn on the check engine light to alert you of trouble.

Acceleration Lag

If you do try to drive your vehicle, one of the first things you will notice is that the acceleration will lag and act jerky. Unfortunately, this can make driving your vehicle difficult as it surges forward unexpectedly when you press down on the accelerator. The reason why this happens is that the motion of the exhaust being forced out of the exhaust manifold is no longer buffered by the catalytic converter.

Slow-Speed Lag

Your automobile’s engine is also going to have difficulties operating at slow speeds. Consequently, you will find yourself driving a vehicle that is jerking and surging while lagging at the same time. Unfortunately, the vehicle’s performance will not smooth out until you are driving at faster speeds. This being said, it really is a better idea to have your car, truck, or utility vehicle towed to our shop.

Exhaust Odors

The reason why is that the exhaust is released out of the exhaust system and into the open air because the catalytic converter is not there to take it in. Consequently, it is extremely easy for your passenger cabin to fill with vehicle exhaust that has not been treated and is filled with harmful emissions.

Call Padron Automotive in Topeka, KS, today so we can resolve the issues your vehicle is experiencing because the catalytic converter has been stolen. We will repair the exhaust system and replace the converter.

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