Road Hazards That Knock My Wheels Out of Alignment and Damage My Suspension

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The roads can be dangerous places for your automobile’s alignment and suspension. It’s important that you take road hazards seriously to avoid knocking the wheels out of alignment and/or causing damage to your vehicle’s suspension. Even if you are in a rush or you are concerned about angering the drivers behind you, Padron Automotive warns that flying over road hazards such as rocks, tree branches, other debris, or the hazards listed below can definitely take its toll on your car, truck, or utility vehicle.


Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all of our roads were smooth as silk? Unfortunately, they aren’t. Driving over bumpy roads is not only annoying but also damaging to your vehicle’s suspension. Depending on the size of the bumps and their severity, you may need to slow down and go over large bumps slowly. Otherwise, you run the risk of knocking your wheels out of alignment when they make contact with the bump.


It’s always important to slow down in construction zones for the safety of the construction workers. Aside from this, take it easy on your automobile by slowing down in these zones because you are likely driving over road covers or uneven pavement surfaces. Anything that jolts your tires can knock the wheels out of alignment if you are driving too fast.


This includes curbs, and we’ve all hit one a time or two. When you are turning around corners or parallel parking, slow down to the appropriate speed so that you can maintain control of your automobile and avoid hitting the curb. Hitting curbs is one of the most common ways drivers knock their wheels out of alignment.


Another common and serious problem is potholes. Again, it would be wonderful if we had smooth roads that didn’t contain bumps or potholes, but, unfortunately, we don’t. When you drive through a pothole, you jolt the wheels that make contact with the pothole in several different directions. As such, it’s critical to drive through these road hazards slowly.

Speed Bumps

Finally, did you know that you can actually break an axle if you fly over a speed bump? You can also break an axle if you fly through a pothole. It is recommended that you never drive over five miles per hour when you are driving over a speed bump. Depending on the height of the bump, we recommend that you drive slower.

If you believe that your wheels are not aligned or that you have caused damage to your suspension, call Padron Automotive in Topeka, KS, today.

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