Signs of a Dying Alternator That Cannot Be Ignored

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A dying alternator can kill your battery. Padron Automotive advises that the alternator powers the battery to keep it charged while your vehicle is in motion. If the alternator is going bad, you may end up with a dead battery. This is just one of many signs of a dying alternator that cannot be ignored.

Dashboard Warning

There are three dashboard lights that apply to the alternator, and the one that turns on depends on the option in your automobile. For example, a dying alternator may trigger an ALT or GEN light warning, or it may trigger a battery light warning. Usually, the light is in the shape of a battery.

Difficult Starts

If you are finding it harder and harder to start your automobile, this is a sign that the alternator is dying. Again, the alternator keeps the battery charged, so a failing alternator will allow the battery to discharge until it is dead. You will find it harder to get your car started with a bad alternator.

Dim Lights

You may also notice that all of your vehicle’s lights are dimmer than they normally are. It’s most noticeable when you are trying to see at night and the headlights are dim. Your dashboard light may also be dimmer than normal as well as the overhead light.

Frequent Stalling

The alternator also provides power to the spark plugs. If you’re vehicle stalls frequently, it’s possible that the alternator is going bad and the spark plugs are unable to fire as they should. We can check both the alternator and the spark plugs to find out which is causing the problem.

Growling Noises

Growling sounds coming from the engine can be the internal alternator mechanisms wearing down. Whining noises coming from the engine can be the alternator belt. If the belt is too loose, you will hear these noises and you may also smell burning rubber. It’s important to get any strange sounds coming from your automobile checked as soon as possible.

Slow Accessories

Finally, many times your vehicle’s accessories will slow down when the alternator is going bad. This includes the power windows and the power seats. You may also notice your accessories malfunctioning, such as problems with your GPS or radio. Unfortunately, you will continue to have accessory problems until such time as you replace the faulty alternator.

We can do that here at Padron Automotive in Topeka, KS. Call us today to set up an appointment for an alternator test.

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