What Is the Best Motor Oil for My Car?

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The best motor oil for your car starts with what your vehicle’s manufacturer recommends. For example, if your owner’s manual says to put 5W-30 into your engine, then that is what you should do. This isn’t the only thing to take into account, however. The manufacturer’s recommendations create the foundation upon which other factors build. Padron Automotive can help you determine the best oil for your engine and we take into account the following factors, as well.

Conventional or Synthetic

Aside from the proper weight – which you shouldn’t stray from unless there are extenuating circumstances – another consideration is whether your vehicle should have conventional or synthetic motor oil. This, too, is often recommended by the vehicle manufacturer, but there are times when synthetic would serve you better even if you normally use conventional. Because synthetic motor oil doesn’t break down as easily as conventional motor oil does, those who live in areas with extreme temperatures often do better with synthetic oil, for example.

Driving Conditions and Habits

Weather isn’t the only consideration when it comes to determining the best motor oil for your car, truck, CUV, or SUV. Your daily driving conditions and habits also play a crucial role in this decision. For example, we don’t get the extreme winter cold in Topeka, KS, that they get in Fargo, ND, but this doesn’t mean you wouldn’t do better to put synthetic motor oil in your vehicle. If your daily commute is long and arduous, with a ton of stop-and-go driving, synthetic motor oil will better protect your engine parts. It’s also a good idea to use synthetic if you do a lot of strenuous driving daily.

Another consideration is how you drive, and we aren’t bringing this up to nag at you. You just might be a maniac behind the wheel, and that’s okay as long as you’re a safe maniac. Stopping suddenly and starting from that stop as if you were a drag-racer is very hard on your vehicle. Driving super fast and shifting gears frequently is also a quick and easy way to wear down engine parts. For those who drive like they’re racing in the Indy 500, synthetic might be the better choice because it simply protects the engine better. Hard driving is hard on the engine.

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