When Should I Put High-Mileage Oil in My Car?

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The time to put high-mileage motor oil in your car is when the odometer turns 75,000 miles. We will talk more about high-mileage motor oil below. In fact, we are going to talk about all of the motor oil types so you can determine the best type for your automobile. In some cases, the choice may not be yours. In other words, if you drive a BMW, the manufacturer only wants you to put synthetic oil in the engine. If you have alternative options, you can use any oil on our list.


For example, most of the automobiles in the United States have conventional motor oil in their engines. This is the most popular motor oil because it has been around since the beginning of automobiles. In fact, it has been used in engines of many different types for well over 100 years. Conventional oil is an excellent choice for standard engines. Make sure to change the oil every 3,000 miles.


The high-mileage motor oil has a conventional base and additives to take care of older engines better. Because it has a conventional base, it needs to be changed every 3,000 miles. The additives in the high-mileage oil help it clean the engine better so it does not end up with a ton of grime built up on the moving parts. The additives also help to seal the engine so it does not develop an oil leak. Unfortunately, oil leaks are a common problem in engines that have a lot of miles on them.


As we mentioned above, certain manufacturers recommend synthetic motor oil only for their engines. These manufacturers include BMW and Audi. The reason why is that these high-performance engines are better protected by synthetic motor oil. Synthetic oil contains additives that help the oil remain viscous longer. The additives also stand up to heat better. In fact, if you live in the Southwest and endorsed scorching summers, you may want to switch to synthetic oil to protect the engine. The oil also works better in freezing temperatures. Think extreme conditions when using synthetic oil.

Synthetic Blend

Finally, if you cannot decide between conventional and synthetic oil, consider having us put a synthetic blend in the engine. As its name suggests, a synthetic blend starts with a synthetic base and then mixes conventional oil into it to reduce the price. This gives you part of the benefit of synthetic oil with the reliability of conventional oil.

If your vehicle is overdue for an oil change, give us a call today. We’d be happy to set up a convenient service appointment.

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